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In a burst of spontaneous creativity, Slavestudios conceived these latest tracks in an unconventional manner. “I was simply watching TV about antique dealers when a sudden stroke of inspiration led me to experiment with a tube overdrive on the master output of the mixing desk. I immediately muted the show, set up my equipment, and tested the new setup. It worked perfectly, but I decided to sleep on it. The next day, I was in the zone. I powered on my gear and, in one seamless session, produced all four tracks.”

These tracks, characterized by their pulsating rhythms and immersive soundscapes, are not just songs but experiences crafted for the peak moments of night-long parties. Each track stands as a testament to Slavestudios’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of techno music.

The new release is a collection of ‘techno bangers’ that are perfectly tailored for big room sound systems and festival stages. With a unique blend of analog warmth and driving beats, Slavestudios continues to redefine the techno genre.

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