I keep my hands on you

I keep my hands on you
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Another Cymatics contest entry, this time for the 2024 SLAYER contest.

I got inspired by a vocal recording from the Slayer Beta Pack, which I've sped up from 135 to 165 BPM and created some harmony phrases for the bridge and the chorus (a 3rd above the original vocal melody). I've actually used the free audio editor Audacity for the time stretching, which - at least to my ears - produced the least artifacts.

The drums that I have sampled from a Roland TR 626 almost 30 years ago work like a charm on this one. Same goes for the electric guitar, a Hohner Rockwood LX100G I bought also 30 years ago. The pickups on that guitar are literally a bit rusty, but I love the crunchy sound of it and it fits the production perfectly.

Everything else has been taken from the Slayer Beta Pack by Cymatics, which you can download here: The bass is a layered instrument I've created in Steinberg HALion 7 and it consists of 3 bass samples from the Slayer Beta Pack. The bell-ish arp in the bridge and chorus is a Serum preset from the pack, all other sounds are single samples, either used directly (pitched to the correct note, of course) or as an instrument in a sampler track.

As always the complete production was done in Steinberg Cubase Pro. For mixing I've mainly used Steinberg stock plugins, plus a few from Waves. For mastering I've used the SSL Fusion VST plugins and Steinberg Raiser.

Enjoy listening!

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