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Store Credit
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Cyber Monday is a Synth pop Solo Artist, here to take you on a journey with his First Album "Store Credit". Taking the influences from his hobbies Shopping and Technology, he has always been fascinated by the ever popular "Cyber Monday" yearly event in which online sales rock the internet by storm.

Even though Cyber Monday is fairly new to the scene, he has been writing and producing music for over 12 years and this will be the first opportunity to release on Vinyl and Cassette format. The album features 10 synthpop, electropop catchy tracks such as "Phone Me", "The Pictures", and more darker "State of your Arm", and "I'm in Love with a Terrorist"

"Looking At Me" is about the camera on your laptop, though it looks switched off, it is constantly watching your every move. "Physical Attraction" his most popular track is about someone who has been online dating and has fallen in love with his so called other half. Will he buy that expensive diamond ring because he believes that he knows and loves this person. "State of your Arm" is about a domestic trap and the deep hole of debt that can take over. "The Pictures" is about the cover up and edited models that exist on the internet and the fascination of perfection that doesn't actually exist. The album continues with more fascinating tracks.

This album is truly sensational and every one features Cyber Monday's vocals and are all original tracks.

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