Aquarium Moonbeam

Aquarium Moonbeam
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I'd like to tell you that I had an otherworldly nighttime aquarium visit that inspired me so deeply to make this album, but....let me be perfectly honest with you. Aquarium Moonbeam is an album about challenging myself. I didn't make it for you (sorry) I made it because I had some new instruments to familiarize myself with, some new things I wanted to try out, and some old methods I wanted to refine a bit. These ten tracks were selected from dozens and I like them the best. They kind of work well together, eh?

There's a natural ebb and flow to my creative output that is dictated by my responsibilities with my family, my freelance mastering, and my work with Triplicate Records. Often times these things coincide and I have weeks (or months) where I'm not able to create new music. Then very naturally my schedule opens up and an album just pours out of me; a period of unbottling because it needs to come out sooner or later. Then my schedule fills up again and I try to figure out a way to present the highlights of what I've accomplished with an album like this before the next wave comes and goes.

Anyways...Aquarium Moonbeam. I love this album. It's forever a part of me and really sums up my life, my choices, and my emotions for the short time between mid January and early March of 2021. I hope you love it like I do, but's for me. There are so many little Easter eggs in there that I'm certain most people will just gloss over. Only I know the answer to questions like:

-Is that the sound of children talking? How many and what are they saying?

-What sort of crazy instrument is THAT?

-Is that a nod to that one song you used to hear all the time while showering at the gym in your old office building circa summer 2013?

-How'd he do that? Clearly there's something going on there.

-Was that intentional or just lazy production?

The world may never know

Written, produced & Mastered by Michael Southard Artwork by Bryan Kraft

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