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GFI-001 is an EP released by GROUND:FAULT:INTERRUPT in 2022. The concept for this EP came from developing a series of tracks with a similar minimal techno feel that would be ideal to incorporate in techno DJ sets.

Previously releases were singles based on standalone ideas, so this demonstrated a different creative direction for the project. The end result remains quite satisfying.

The EP opens with the track "Prime Mover". An idea that came from a very simple, yet mesmerising and infectious melodic line that becomes more and more rhythmic as the track progresses. The percussion layers whilst they appear very simple on the surface, generate rhythms within rhythms, especially whilst playing at the same time.

"Rising Tide" has proven to be a track that has been streamed and enjoyed across the globe mainly due to its distinct and hypnotic synth riff.

"Rumblestiltskin" features my cat Bella who has a beautiful purr and she deserves a track of her own. The acid, almost psychedelic bassline to this track, along with the randomness of sampling a cat, is very old school rave like in the way it is approached in terms of pure experimentation.

Lastly, but not least "Bioluminescent" is a minimal techno track that has a very ethereal feel featuring many long reverb trails and interesting sound textures.

I hope you enjoy listening and dancing to these tracks as much as I enjoyed making them.

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