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・ORWRIMP's music may sound like electropop, IDM, house, etc. ・ORWRIMP is from Japan nevertheless from France, somewhere in the Laniakea area. ・All songs are original, composed, written, arranged, programmed, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered, produced by ORWRIMP.

Much more titles to come !

WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT ORWRIMP : ・IGOR DUBOIS, sound engineer (Aya Nakamura, Jul, Oboy…) « That guy inspired me a lot, I tell you. How I've gone gold and platinum with my mixes ? It's thanks to him ! He went so far as to teach me to respect the soul of an audio cable when you wrap it. So, yeah, his music is that deep. And some are real fun, and some could become true iconic video game soundtracks… I mean, his music tells stories ! » ・TETSURO, hiphop artist « Orwrimp ! His music definitely reflect who he is and i know him well. It's weird but funny at the same time with a bit of melancholy. It's also super wild, with arrangements that go all over the place haha. Reminds me video game soundtracks or Suomisaundi. Luv it ! »

And HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024 !!!