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Every instrument can inspire you to take completely unique paths based on their interface, rhythm and timbre. Over time you get to know the ways of an instrument, what it can do and where it can lead you. Experimentation becomes a major way of playing the instrument and sessions become progressively more structured and musical. Timbres is a result of experimentation with synthesizers, effects and field recordings. None of these tracks could be played like this again. The notes, rhythms, echoes, timbres and field recordings are a snapshot of a specific moment. I would not call them compositions at all, they're much more like memories.

The album mainly features synthesizers that embrace experimentation as a workflow: The one you will hear most often is my custom Volca Modular. It is an arrangement of knobs and banana jacks on olive wood. You can see its jacks and knobs on the cover art of the album. The other synthesizer is the Ouroboros Electronics Alea (which inspired me to build the Volca Modular B). The Alea is made of sapele wood and has a similarly experimental layout. There are no labels and explanations, inviting you to come up with creative... more credits released July 3, 2021

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