Sonic Biomes

Sonic Biomes
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Pablo Selecta's chill album is the musical equivalent of getting a massage on valium while floating in the dead sea. Beats flow down your spine in smooth rolling rhythms. Nothing is hurried. Each little sound tickles your brain in its own way, in its own time, coaxing you into an unsinkable serenity.

It is the soundtrack for swinging in hammocks above ocean waves; for drifting at sunrise in hot air balloons. But, when played during traffic jams and technology fails, it somehow quells your uglier emotions, cocooning your mind in an untouchable bubble of tranquility.

Written and produced by Pablo Modena @ Planetarium Studio, Italy. Mastered by Robert Hundt @ Anti-Logic Berlin, Germany. Artwork by Auroralien and Vinnie Xaiver Write up by Krystal Richardson

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