Quantum Model Oscillation Delay

Quantum Model Oscillation Delay
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  • Title:
    Quantum Model Oscillation Delay
  • Release Date:
    25 Feb 23
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Another fun industrials track done in Maschine with hitting beats and arps running through you mind! Quantum Model Oscillation Delay

Maschine: Main: NI: Supercharger GT iZotope: Ozone 5 Imager Softube: Passive EQ

FX: Softube: RC 48 Eventide: Ultraverd - Ghost In The Machine

2023: The Worst Of Our Future, The Best Of Our Past

Controler: MK3 Komplete Kontrol s88

VSTi: MK3: 1 Schema: Dark - Decoded Rocking 3 Heavyocity: Damage - LPS Mangled Pop Full 5 Heavyocity: Foundations Bass 7 Heavyocity: Mosaic Leads - Play The Arp FX: In Box

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