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Our first release on Keep On Techno X welcomes a newcomer to the Keep On Techno family, Hamaton3. Hamaton3, or Glenn to his mates, has delivered a couple of beasts for his debut. With releases under his belt for Urban Chaos Records among others, these were instant signings when we heard them.

The lead track is Us. A pounding Techno groove with cracking vocal samples that stay in the brain long after listening. Added to the rumble and drive. This tune will provide maximum devastation wherever it is played.

The next tune is Badger, more hammering beats laced with proper Techno style synths. Dark and powerful!

We've roped in a couple of the label regulars on remix duties.

Chris Coles & Latex Zebra have dished up a faster version of Us and added some brutal acid, because that's the kind of thing they do.

Hels.Yeah is back (yay) with his take on Badger which ups the BPMs even more and he jumps on the Acid Train as well, because he can.

Joins Us for KOT X for the first release of 2021 and something for every Techno DJ!

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