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DJ Tecknik and his son combine to bring us Midnight Club 2. As a solo act he appeared on the label back in 2010 shortly after he started producing... Welcome back. From Italy and with a passion for driving Acid Techno they have given us Atomic Punch!

The original is just the thing suited to KOTX. Fast, driving and relentless. Hypnotic stabs lead through the tune with dark synths giving a sinister edge. Simple and effective. Sometimes you don't need to do too much to move the dancefloor!

We're pleased to welcome two newcomers to the label on the remix and both are artists we've wanted to work with for a while now.

Up first is Leon Immense whose work on Filth Infatuated Digital, and My Mind Records brought him to our attention. He has taken the BPMs down a touch and given this a really trippy edge that just adds more and more (including Acid yay) as it builds.

Famed for this Hardstyle as much as his Techno we introduce Nutty T to the label. His own Nutty Traxx and Nffekted Trax both deliver consistently excellent tunes. Maintaining the pace and vibe of the original he has added some twisted acid to the mix. And we all know how much we love Acid here.

Thanks to Midnight Club 2 for delivering an Atomic Punch! Just what the dance floor needs!

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