Hard Trilogy EP
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Keep On Techno X has hit a landmark with it's 50th release. We wanted to do something a little different from the standard artist EP so we've invited some of the new blood on Keep On Techno to deliver three originals. We present the Hard Trilogy EP

First up is Niall Farrall with Retrograde. A proper slice of wonky (not sure if this has been trademarked yet) techno with an awesome vocal hook underlined by driving beats and mess with your heads sounds.

Dark Kandy is next with Too Much Charlie... This one is really going to mess with your heads with sinister vocal samples, melodic notes and absolutely killer percussion.

Rounding up the trilogy is Future:remnants with Underground Moves. This has a real 90's vibe to it with it's hardcore sounds, more crazy vocals (obviously a theme) and an excellent hook!

Great work from three amazing producers who we've been thrilled to be part of the Keep On Techno family.

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