Spiral EP
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Another newcomer to the Keep On Techno for our third release of year. We welcome Sigabort. His work will already be known the those that like their Techno Driving and Energetic. With releases on labels like Refined Format, Let's Techno and White Line Music among others.

We were very pleased to grab two EPs off him. Another will be released in the summer. Up first is Spiral EP

Spiral is a tough edged hypnotic Techno track that just grows and grows more intense as it progresses. Us label writers do tend to over blow things, but it is no lie to say this is a proper brain melter and it will genuinely drive a dancefloor mental (in a good way). Absolute beast this one!

The second track is Roster and is another cracker with call and response analogue sounds and an awesome groove. Another sure-fire dancefloor winner.

We have a remixer onboard as well. JIMMYZKINZ has already remixed for us last year and we welcome him for 2022 with an absolute belter of a remix that takes Spiral high in the BPMS!

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