Light Year
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Dublin-based- Glenn Molloy is one of the most entertaining electronic music new breeds making his mark on the Progressive - Melodic to Indie dance arena.

He's consistently releasing high-quality productions whilst being a featured artist on many imprints such as Pro B Tech, Melodic Beats, EC2, Lonya's - Asymmetric Recordings, Resonate Together and many more. His proactive approach to DJing is powering him on the DJ circuit with defined quality, and his prevalent radio show mixes have been raising eyebrows with the who's who of the scene.

His latest production title - "Light Year" continues his series in style with a unique dark grooved hypnotic piece. It's a track with an absorbing effect that draws you in the more you listen, and there's lots of depth, synthetic textures and pulsating percussion. It's a soundscape that takes dark to light in an emphatic way.

"Light Year" is coupled alongside a great remix from "Kiz Pattison". Kiz is very much the go-to producer in recent times and has delivered a remix that captures KIZ's signature sound, hyper groove-based and crosses merging techno /progressive in style. The 3rd remix on the package is by the very cool "Ross Geldart" who's taken the theme of the title to a beats-driven domain. Its funkier groove to the 4/4 patterns of the other mixes whilst maintaining the surreal theme sound of the original.

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