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Eurax Patax
New York, United States

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Eurax Patax

Introducing Eurax Patax - the name behind some of the most avant-garde and truly experimental soundscapes around. With a range of projects spanning across the noise-spectrum, alternative and cinematic genres, Eurax Patax is one of the most exciting names in contemporary music right now. Collaborating with other artists and collectives such as Keepers Of Labyrinth Society (K.O.L.S.), DMT DemonicToys and Man Without Hits (M.W.H.), Eurax Patax's sound is a unique combination of freeform, meta music with a touch of psychedelic influence. Despite this, his music has a certain balance that will appeal to anyone with an unbalanced taste in music.

All tracks are composed and recorded by the talented Andreu Paulus, hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil. So, if you seek an escape from the mundane and are ready to embrace a sonic experience unlike any other, Eurax Patax is the artist for you.

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