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Katowice, Poland

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Neonbreaker is an artist from post-industrial city of Katowice, Poland, whose music is a captivating fusion of Breakcore, Power Electronics, Hardcore, and Industrial inspirations. Fascinated by errors, glitches and artifacts, he fearlessly explores the chaotic beauty of sound in his compositions. Using a variety of analog and digital devices as a DAW-less performer, Neonbreaker crafts mesmerizing sonic structures that push the boundaries of conventional genres. His tracks reflect a raw and visceral expression, blurring the lines between reality and imagination, drawing inspiration from brutality of technological progress, urban landscapes, and omnipresence of machines. Neonbreaker's works have been featured in Various Artist compilations, cementing his contribution to contemporary industrial music. Step into Neonbreaker's electrifying world, where distorted machine sounds, glitches and broken rythms merge to create a captivating sonic experience. Embrace the beauty of imperfections as they become the very fabric of musical innovation.

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