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Michael Oscillate is an explorer of sound crafting immersive soundscapes that transport listeners to extraordinary dimensions beyond our world. With a fascination for the mysterious Oscillates music unfolds like a cosmic tapestry intertwining eerie drones that traverse the depths of space and time.

Inspired by the expanse of the universe Oscillates sonic palette combines celestial textures and deep resonating tones. His music acts as a gateway to the unknown inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the enigmatic realms he conjures.

With an approach to sound design and a desire to push the boundaries of traditional music Michael Oscillates work serves as a testament to the profound storytelling power of sound. Through his creations he beckons us to venture into territories within our minds where darkness and space unite, in an extraordinary auditory journey. Explore his compositions as they transport you through captivating landscapes filled with mesmerizing dark drones that define his unique musical universe.

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