Deep into the Kastle

Deep into the Kastle
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Deep into the Kastle is the monumental 22-minute masterful work of Michael Oscillate, all condensed into a single track that was created with one single device, the Kastle Drum. In what may be his most impressive work yet, Oscillate manages to build layer upon layer to fashion a wall of sound that as is engaging as it is complex. The intricate sound design in this track creates a nestled space in amongst the sonic chaos for the listener to reside and feel truly encompassed by the totality of what this track has to offer. This song continually evolves throughout, smoothly transitioning from one section to the next with a plomb, supported by the perfectly suited and curiously bizarre music video that accompanies. This track highlights the peak of Oscillate’s creative drive and instinct in a manner that is equal parts hypnotic and therapeutic. Deep into the Kastle says nothing in and of itself, but begins the conversation within yourself to go further and explore; to delve deeper into one’s own mind and become fully engulfed in the process.

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