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DJ and Producer from the south of Spain, Breakbeat, Jungle-breaks, & DnB tunes.

With clubbing and independent underground events in Spain, Czechia, Ukraine, but also as an independent producer, he had the opportunity to have awesome collaborations with some important audiovisual projects, such as HBO, or 22films creating soundtracks and BSO as LM Sanchez music. www.youtube.com/watch?v=Da8jLOre5…b_channel=HBODocs Imdb 9,3: www.imdb.com/title/tt3071294/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_3

Owner of Solid Breaks Records, Loopcrashing releases are available also under 83 Label, Elektroshok, Hardcore Energy, Funktasty Crew, 13 Monkeys, Fantazia Music Records, Creative Sound Records, Tramando Records, One7Audio, creating massive Breaks tracks mixed by best DJs!

Playing alongside the likes of: Aphex Tito, Gnetko , Akrom, 4become1, Max W, Twin, Jobu, Mark Crumbs, Shaggy Garcia, James Wing, Gadjo.cz, Adam Cloud, Mark Evill, P-Jay, Rafa Barrios, Zendi & Wulky, Jumper, Chris Lay, Volume Plus, Feela, Skacko, Honey-T, Takatko, Woutt, Goldstar, Raffael T, Slater, Blue Amazon, DaGeneral, Philip TBC, Freaky behaviour, Fast-T, Julio Cuba and more

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