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Recklinghausen, Germany

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COVID-19 pandemic.. The world stood still, people avoided each other. Events took place only rarely and in a strange reality. The bands Céleste Noir and PHOB, whose founding member is Markus Korbas, were less busy. Demos languish on the computer and nothing happens. Markus reinvents himself in his 'music room'... Has to transform his feelings and energy and creates more new pieces that don't fit to Céleste Noir or PHOB but are something of his own. What to do? Markus decides to release them alone under his own flag... what name? Actually simple or? If you already have CoreBass as your last name. 2022 The world is shaken by another conflict in the middle of Europe. CoreBass releases "I am Europe" under the impression of this war which is also released on the Benefiz Slava Ukraini sampler shortly after. 2023 the home studio is upgraded accordingly. So you can continue to experiment and conquer your own sound universe... CoreBass continues... Because CoreBass has something to say...

By the way: For the first time everything is from me... Vocals, music, mix, video... just everything....

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