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Experience the mesmerizing world of ZeroPi, an Italian duo crafting exquisite Synthpop and Synthwave. Sarah Leo's violin and Marco Negro's synths converge to create a symphony of nostalgia and futurism. Their journey began in 2016 with an innovative take on an Irish classic, shared via YouTube. This marked the genesis of their musical odyssey. Over time, they've expanded their repertoire, adding faithful renditions of '80s hits and original Synthpop/Synthwave compositions. The name ZeroPi, inspired by the Italian phrase "zero pippe" (zero nonsense), playfully reflects their no-nonsense approach to music, free of distractions. Join ZeroPi on an auditory voyage where past and present harmoniously coexist. Immerse yourself in the captivating blend of violin and synthesizers as they transport you to an electrifying dimension, paying homage to the '80s while embracing the future. ZeroPi - where timeless melodies meet the promise of electronic innovation.

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