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Xplore's love for electronic music begun in 1996, when he first discovered Mod Tracker and Impulse Tracker, which are AMIGA-like DOS software for creating music on 4 and 64 channels.

He started creating audio tracks for the PC demoscene and after a while moved to the house, club, dance scene. He started experimenting new sounds in 2000 playing for a few times in Web (a rather underground place in Bucharest, Romania, in early 2000s who supported the local electronic music scene) a whole 1hr set with his own tracks.

After a quick stay in Canada, on the West Coast, he came back to Romania inspired by westcoast chillout / lounge / melodic drum and bass and started composing again.

In 2005, he got in contact with Kenny Wee / Pure Substance Records, where he had his first EP, released worldwide. After that, he continued working, meeting new music friends worldwide and signing a lot of EPs and few albums with independent record labels, that published mostly progressive-house tracks.

In 2017, after a chat with one of his music buddies he decided to open up his own record label, called Subspace Transmissions, which will deliver most of his own tracks, but also remixes and EPs with his buddies from the electronic music scene.

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