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A hauntingly liminal ambient track that evokes images of a desert with live and movement. Shades of color, red, brown go through your mind as you drift off into rest...

Tech: The ASCAP work ID is: 925173937

Title: Ghosts Of The Deserts

Theme: Welcome To The Ambient World

DAW: Ableton Live 12 Suite

Master Channel FX: Arturia - Bus Force Integradio - Deelay

Instruments: Arturia - Pigments Arturia - Prophet -VS V Arturia - OP-Xa V Alesis Strike Multipad - Pluck This VirusTi2 Desktop - Analand SV

Hardware: Virus Ti2 Alesis Strike Multipad Novation Launchpad mk1 Komplete Kontrol S88mk1

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