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  • Title:
    description of the insane truth
  • Release Date:
    11 Apr 24
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In this time of insanity and deprivatation in its inner matter, this kind of music is maybrone way to be at myself. I#m just sitting here and let it flow. There is no need for perfection, there is no need for absolution. There is only mind and gear i like and which help me out to describe and to explore a little of the things what makes my heart an mind rumble. But anyway... i'm some kind of artist, you can like what i do, you can dislike it, but i would be happy not to be ignored. Everything is coming from my deepest heart and intentions.

again... this is a track I recorded live with several gear I love and having in use: SYNTRX, LXR-02, MOOG DFAM,MOTHER-32, SUBHARMONICON and a not yet patched PULSAR 23.

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