The Chaos That Follows Us

The Chaos That Follows Us
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Industrial track like FLA/Front 242 with killer arps and screaming guitars!!

Tech: The work ASCAP ID is: 923137744 Cakewalk

Main: EQ Tube Emulation N-Type Console PC76 U-Type Compressor

FX: iZotope Ozone 5

Instruments: Falcon 3 - String Machines 2: MMA Dule

Native Instruments MK3: A1 Drums: Drums[118] Axe Hats[120] Discoteka Drums[128] Energija Drums[125] Generator Hats[121] Robotechnika Hats[123] Phantazm Bass[126] C VirtualLife Cymbal[128] NoHate B1 Guitar: Heavyocity Damage Guitars: 01 Heavy Riff Combo I (A) C1 Vox FauxCode Kit

Virus Ti2: AEarpcores RSM@rauder

Behringer TD-3: Pattern Group 1

Instruments: s88mk1 K2000VX Virus Ti2 Wavestate Kawai R50e Behringer D Deepmind 12 AKAI MPD218 Maschine Mk3 Behringer TD3 AKAI MPK mini mk3 Behringer Neutron Maximal Drone Box MicroFreak Stellar

Studio: AKG K52 Zoom HS5 Yamaha Hs8 Mackie Mix12fx Motu Audio Express VModa Crossfade LP2 Hosa SLW-333 Switcher

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