Until I See You Again

Until I See You Again
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In the ever-evolving world of progressive melodic house, "Until I See You Again" emerges as a shining beacon of emotional and sonic brilliance. Marksman and 08 Orbit masterfully blend together an ethereal journey, grounded in groovy drums and resonating basslines, with the skyward pull of euphoric synths. The raw, emotive allure of Hex & Solstice's vocals serves as the track's heart and soul, narrating a poignant tale of separation and longing after the departure of a loved one.

The track isn't just about the sadness of farewell, but the simultaneous, bittersweet understanding that sometimes, leaving what's great is the very path to finding something even better. It's a love letter to the sacrifices one makes in the name of growth and self-discovery, and the space left behind that can only be filled upon a promised return.

Marksman, 08 Orbit, Hex, and Solstice have crafted a timeless anthem. Dive in, and let its waves carry you to distant shores and hopeful reunions.

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