Retribution / Requiem

Retribution / Requiem
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Marksman's Stunning Sonic Duo - 'Retribution' & 'Requiem' on Elevation London

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Marksman with his latest EP, featuring two powerfully emotive tracks, 'Retribution' and 'Requiem,' forthcoming on Elevation London. This auditory journey combines the elements of melodic house and techno in an intoxicating blend, carrying listeners through contrasting landscapes of sound.

'Retribution' kicks off the EP with an electrifying intensity, combining hard-hitting drums, a gliding bassline, and rhythmic deep stab bass. Just when the track feels steeped in dark mystery, a euphoric lead sound emerges in the breakdown, casting an uplifting brightness for a gripping climax.

Following closely, 'Requiem' spins the narrative in a more introspective direction. Mirroring the powerful elements of 'Retribution,' this track is imbued with a melancholic resonance. The heart of 'Requiem' beats with a beautiful piano melody, with a hypnotic lead synth

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