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  • Title:
    Lost Days
  • Release Date:
    11 Dec 23
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This is Mark here. I run Rednetic, and I am also cyan341. This is a very personal album for me. This music was made as a way of me coping with my father's death, a way to express emotions and moods when trying to comprehend the situation I found myself in.

My father died from prostate cancer quite suddenly and quickly after surviving with it for almost ten years. This was in deepest COVID, and we cared for him at home, with no experience and with minimal support due to various restrictions.

Shock, grief, PTSD, the literal destruction of the fabric of the universe for me and those closest to me.

There are no lyrics. I do not do those. This is about structured sound as a form of expression. An expression of grief, loss and life, of complexities and incomprehension. These were lost days of life when I felt myself disappear.

This is such a precious album with abundant meaning and depth. I was so happy to have people with love, great skill and talent be involved in this project, with Nicolas Franck Pauly taking a number of photos around the Barbican, Bruno Lasnier @ the milkfactory creating the cover art perfectly encapsulating the mood of the music and Paul Chivers, aka Ramjac and Trevor Lancaster-Smith, bringing to bare their vast experience and knowledge and spending so much time, care and attention, providing excellent mixdown and mastering, to bring these tracks to the place where they exactly need to be.

And when you get a chance, please raise a glass of whatever you most enjoy to my Dad. Cheers.

Written by Mark Streatfield Mixed & mastered by Paul Chivers & Trevor Lancaster-Smith Cover photography by Nicolas Franck Pauly Design by milkIndustries

7 track album