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Hard driving Industrial track with guitars, heavy sequenced synths, hidden samples, and killer drum tracks! Listen to the multi layered arps and pounding bass!

Tech: The work ID is: 922649675

Cakewalk Main: EQ Tube Emulation N-Type Console PC76 U-Type Compressor

Main FX: AMEK MAstering Compressor

Other FX: Dear VR Music BT Compressor CP2S-3

BPM: 100

Virus: 1 Drone2 @RS 2 Bhurly M 3 CX Acid
4 DistBassUO 5 BASS 03r1 6 SQBass3 UO

Wavestate: Industrial RS1.5

MicroFreak: Lifeforms [Superwave]

Deepmind 12:+ c-101*DS-80 Breath

Kontakt 7: 1 Damage Guitars - 01 Heavy Guitar Riff Menu I(A) 2 Heavyocity Foundations Synth Bass - Big Bottom Synth

Dune 3: 001 Amoeba Arp EDT

Drums Loops: Liquid DnB Volume 3- DrumLoops3 Live Toms Ride Cymbal

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