Water Rise

Water Rise
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An offering of ethereal evaporation music from environmental sound artist Hiram, bearing new works in morphing formation. Several pieces document the artist in live outdoor solo actions over the Summer of 2021, with sessions documented both in the midday shade of the Mississippi River's shore in Minnesota, and under the nighttime desert skies of New Mexico.

The track "Wind Song" is built upon the grace of nature's breath, with field recordings from Joshua Tree, CA blending with the melody of a 15 string zither. Hiram's use of horns, flutes and reeds through the work breathes an air of life, with electric piano, voice, chimes, tongue drum, shruti, tanpura, synthesizer and tapes mixing with the sounds of the environment, connecting self to space in a new form of harmonic resonance.

Music for condensation.

6 track Album
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