Deamon Slayer

Deamon Slayer
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    Deamon Slayer
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    31 Oct 17
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It's time for a metal album. All songs created in October 2017.

With Daemon Slayer, I really wanted to add some metal teeth to many of the nostalgic memories we all have. Blackthorne, Actraiser, Doom, Quake, Descent, Heritic, Fallout 1 & 2, etc. were all influences as far as the heavy sound goes. The overall mood came while conjuring up visions influenced by old RPGs like Ultima Underworld, Daggerfall, Drakkhen, Vampire Bloodlines, among hundreds of others.

After purchasing, be sure to add your comment or recommendation. Where did this music take you? What old games did you imagine? credits released October 31, 2017

Our Castles and Crusades (like D&D) adventures influenced many of the themes. The Zweihänder game dev team was an inspiratio

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