Ranger of the Old Woods

Ranger of the Old Woods
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This collection of songs is really more like two albums in one:

The first six songs are a concept piece about a ranger finding a secret area in the ancient woods where she's been a ward for years. The story is told in the lyrics. These songs start with DOS ADLIB & OPL2 sounds, progress to Roland Sound Canvas (fancy midi), and end with two SNES-inspired tracks.

The following few songs are an homage to the old sci-fi, cyberpunk, and noir games we grew up playing.

Finally we have a fun track in both the NES and DOS styles... Lastly, I included two fully symphonic tunes.

There are two tracks that feature alternate versions. I have been thinking a lot about how older soundtracks used to sound different based upon the platform or even the sound hardware used. So, I explored that a little.

I tried to limit myself to different systems or styles more so than on previous albums. The results are a bit more "purist" than usual. I cheated a couple of times with a light touch of reverb, but most of the tracks are very similar to what you would hear on the original hardware.

Here's a track list with the style/system in parenthesis.

  1. Bobbit's Journey (DOS | OPL2/Adlib)
  2. Rainspell (DOS | Roland Sound Canvas)
  3. Secrets of the Forest Ruins (DOS | Roland Sound Canvas)
  4. City Beneath the Mountain (DOS | Roland Sound Canvas)
  5. Journey Through the Enchanted Chasm (SNES)
  6. Even Sexy Vampires Must Die (SNES
  7. My Vision is Augmented (FM Synth)
  8. Private Eyes (DOS | Adlib)
  9. Apparition Apprehension Agency (DOS | OPL2)
  10. Autumn Snow (DOS | OPL2)
  11. Dance the Light Away (NES)
  12. Dance the Light Away (DOS | OPL)
  13. Allure of the Dark Castle (Symphonic)
  14. Even Sexy Vampires Must Die (Symphonic)

Enjoy and please leave me a review so I know which songs you enjoyed the most. credits

pixel art by mr_pistooki "Even Sexy Vampires Must Die" composed for the Doom WAD: Abysm. Info here:

14 track Album
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