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The third full-length Darkwave release entitled Thanatology is a deeply emotional journey to the land of those formative memories, emotions and feelings that exert a significant impact on the ultimate spiritual character of a human person. Relying on the vast capacities of instrumental progressive metal to paint picturesque inner landscapes, Thanatology attempts to transmit these emotional waves into six separate movements, each being provided with an indicative title.

“Memento mori” – warns us the well-known phrase that echoed throughout the entire medieval Christianity as a reminder of the inevitability of death: “Remember that you [have to] die”. Humans have always been trying to transcend the painful contingency rooted in the inherent finiteness of our existence with reacting to it in strikingly various ways. In this regard, Thanatology attempts to answer this unsettling question according to Jack Kerouac’s famous quote: “I’m writing this book because we’re all going to die” (Visions of Cody). In other words, the six songs of Thanatology (released on August 3, 2023, exactly on the second birthday of Hexapla) constitute a very intimate soundtrack to a spiritual pilgrimage from the past towards the recognition of the finiteness of life. Being an instrumental album, Thanatology cannot (and doesn’t even intend to) provide definitive answers to the disquieting questions of human existence. However, it does attempt to evoke feelings and emotions that may guide the listener all along this intimate and meaningful journey. In this regard, Thanatology can be considered as the logical continuation and ultimate wrap-up of the previous two releases “Hexapla” and “Missa Innominata”, signifying an intimate connection and a somewhat tight unity between the first three Darkwave albums.