O seara de ragaz EP (incl Aubrey & Prins Thomas remixes)

O seara de ragaz EP (incl Aubrey & Prins Thomas remixes)
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    O seara de ragaz EP (incl Aubrey & Prins Thomas remixes)
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    19 Oct 23
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This year I'm celebrating 20 years since my first ever vinyl release, and 10 years since I officially started releasing minimalistic aesthetics under my ADA KALEH alias. The opening release of the project was "Roua dimineții / O seară de răgaz EP", so it was the obvious choice to come full circle and do a reissue of the original, backed by remixes from some of my favourite producers, ignoring style and genre barriers.

Part 1 of 3 comes with the original O seară de răgaz, AUBREY (Solid Groove) and PRINS THOMAS (Full Pupp, Smalltown Supersound) remixes. Part 2 of 3 will feature remixes by the legendary Gez Varley aka G-MAN (LFO, Warp Records), former Fabric London residents H-FOUNDATION (Soma Quality Recordings) and long time friend CRIHAN (Mezin) Part 3 of 3: To be announced

Vinyl can be ordered on Decks via the link below. More revelant vinyl outlets following soon. www.decks.de/track/ada_kaleh-o_seara_de_ragaz_ep/cks-w1

The vinyl and packaging are 100% recycled eco materials and the whole process was carefully executed at Matter of Fact Vinyl, a team of truly passionate people in this industry, where quality is absolute paramount.

PS: owners of this reissue, post a picture or video of the vinyl, tag me on my @adakalehromania Instagram page and you'll receive the stems of "O seară de răgaz".

Written and produced by Iulian Cuculea, circa 2010 Remix and additional production by Allen Saei and Thomas Moen Hermansen

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