Edge of Morning

Edge of Morning
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This is a track I started work on during a southern California heatwave in 2021. I turned everything off, had all the windows and shades closed to keep out the heat, and I just turned on my laptop and went. I worked for about 6 hours straight on this the first day and had most of what you will hear here. There were a few minor changes after the fact, but what really took a long time was to get the mix on this track right. As I was sharing in-progress versions of this with some producer friends, some of them started to ask if they could remix it. So I sent off stems and got a few tracks back with a really great story to go with them. The Metaside remix, like my original track, was mostly done in one day. Metaside was sick, and working on the his remix of this track all day. Listening to the uplifting chords and melodies, he lost track of time and suddenly it was the end of the day and he felt all better. So a song I made actually physically healed someone. If that's not a great song then I don't know what is.

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