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    09 Oct 23
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I have a bit of a reputation for going on a bit. Never use one word when ten will do. And a natural effect of letting my mouth run and brain wander is I do tend to go off on the odd tangent.

This sort of spills over into my music. I’m firmly in the amateur musician file. I have a full time job, and often when I get time to sit and write music, my muse isn’t always with me. I remain in constant awe of folks in a similar position who turn out quality stuff at a rate of knots I can only dream of!

So I grab snippets where I can. I capture short little moments that I come back to again and again and let my fingers run and my ears wander and build around them. A sound here, a melody there and over time I form my tangential musical conversations, until hopefully at some point the disconnected doodlings become something that makes sense…sometimes it’s like I’m waiting for the tune to tell me what it is.

That way of working means I generally end up creating tunes that tend to stand alone. Little self-contained aural stories - where the narrative generally emerges during the writing. It’s fairly rare that I’ll sit down with a firm idea in mind and am able to see it through and write with design towards a predefined outcome. I’m not short of ideas and intention, it’s just my process doesn’t move that way.

So as I write, I digress. And I seem to end up with an eclectic mix of tunes - each different but somehow still me, so I’m told.

It is a source of wonder, amusement and, yes, pride that people seem to like my musical meanderings.

And never more so than when Werra Foxma asked me to do something for them. Digressions was the result of that. It was previously only available thorugh the Werra Foxma Sub Club (which I'd still recommend folk check out at ), but now re-released here with a couple of extra tracks from about the same period.

.g April 2022 (updated September 2023)

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