See You on the Other Side
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We welcome back Nik Wel to Keep On Techno Records with the rather tasty See You on the Other Side EP! With an original and a remix already released for us we couldn't wait to get him back. He's been very busy, and successful since his last work for us, and it is thoroughly well deserved.

The original mix is driving and pacey, a little faster than we usually go on the main label but the sound is dead on. Driving Bass with melodics, that really is the sound of now. Huge crossover potential for this one!

Hamaton3 is back on Keep On Techno with a remix that gives a Techier edge and takes the BPMS down a touch. Solid stuff as always!

Also returning from the regulars is James Black Presents. If you don't know his style by now then this is the perfect jumping on point.

See You on the Other Side... Yes. Yes you will!

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