Those Nights EP
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Nik Wel recently debuted on the label doing a remix for our recent Supernova release from Antonio Ruiz with strict instructions... We want an original please.

We got one.

Nik has delivered a tune with his signature Hard Techno Beats and vibe whilst adding a touch of atmospheric melodics to the mix. Dark, haunting, and driving. Those Nights shows why Nik is so in demand right now and why we wanted him on the label so much.

We offered him his choice of remixers for his release, and he continued to show his fine taste with his choices.

First up is Rich Campbell making a welcome return to the label. With his signature wobbly acid and dark and grinding bass this is a serious remix that retains the vibe of the original while taking it in a whole new direction.

On the other remix we welcome back Sakin Bozkurt to the label. As you'd expect from such a respected name, he has delivered a thoroughly unique remix. Rave stabs and dark pounding drums drive this alone with dropouts for the melodic elements. Absolute dancefloor mayhem this one!

We're thrilled to have an original from Nik Wel at last and we will be seeing him on the label again.

Those Nights will be much better if this tune gets played.

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