Domination EP

Domination EP
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Originally released in 2009, Wyrus - Domination was an absolute stormer; played and supported by numerous artists we can easily say it became one of the tracks that represent the labels sound to the full. Now, 12 years later Wyrus took a swing at the project again and made a killer 2020 edit of the track, a bit slower than the original, a bit darker but still powerful enough to move you on the dance floor. Alongside Wyrus we also have Chris Coles and Latex Zebra on the remix duties with their wicked version of the track. That not being enough for us here at Keep On Techno records and trying to maintain the label's policy of promoting new and unestablished artists, we decided to give a chance to some of you to remix it. We had two clear stand outs on the competition front so decided to release them both. First up we have a fast-paced remix from Popperman, hailing from Hungary, who has released on the label many years ago and delivers a powerful upbeat version that could easily find itself in a Techno or Tech Trance set. Great work! Our second winner was Sandro M. whose Portuguese background shines through in this tough Euro, almost Hard Groove remix.

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