A Brand New Acid World

A Brand New Acid World
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" I've always loved those Trax releases with only acid tools on it, the early Chicago acid sound, just beats loops with some 303 crying on top, made by kids that would discover years (decades ?) later that they had built the foundation of a whole new music genre just by tweakin the buttons on a cheap discontinued bassline emulator from Japanese gears manufacturer Roland.

I was 13 years old when i got my first acid shot from Dj Pierre, S.Express and Coldcut and more than 35 years later i'm still tweaking those buttons like it's the new trend to follow. So to conclude this year 2022 i produced a special release with 4 acid banger that i hope will find a place in the most obscure underground House parties for this new year ! "

  • David Duriez 30/12/2022
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