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Label's boss David Duriez going back to his roots, coming back to deep & sensual House Music like he was known for 25 years ago.

That was not planned, the story behind the track is revolving around this vocal recorded by long time friend Hector Moralez and sitting here, on David's hard drive for years. And then suddenly it happened, you know, when you load that track into your project and it fits perfectly.

The story is about an American dj living this life, this life in Paris. Of course this is auto-biographical for Hector but also for David, because while he's obsviously not American, he was not from Paris and was living there at the same time than Hector, living this Dj life, this producer life, this music life.

The package comes complete with several different versions including one from the magic duo, the pair of french wizards, living this life for a very long time too : Gilb-R & I;Cube aka Château Flight that make an appearance on the label for the very first time (come on guys !! It was about time). And i must say they are delivering beyond the expected with a solid mental Chicago-esque acid ghetto trip (is that enough words to describe the vibe of their remix ?) . Recorded live i've been told. Old school darkness. This is also part of this life !

Second version comes from David's long long long time Chicago friend Mazi aka Audio Soul Project. Another duo that was living this life in Paris and making a part of their discography together during that era. Mazi is in top form and is experimenting UK House & Garage for quite some time now. His mix is bouncing and sexy.

And last but not least, our very own Jules Wells that releases his first album today (oct,06 2023) and that you SHOULD check now. Jules is a multi-talented producer, his tracks are funky yet techno and house, it's a very special blend. And this time he goes deep but with a drive (his trademark). A very special version in my opinion.

A very special release too. We hope you enjoy.

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