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bordeaux, France

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Plimplim plays electronic ambient film music music by sampling sounds out of the real and by synthesis.

A sonic landscape for a dreamy picture.

Pulsations mix with crackles, Emerging voices from nowhere.

A wall of sound with delicate melodies.

Plimplim is the musical alias of Jérôme Marchand. He composes electronic music with filmic accents, soundscapes mixed with cracks and pulsations, where strange and delicate melodies gravitate, emerging from void. His musical practice is defined by a constant and sharp sound research, whether it is purely synthetic or by the capture of real sounds, mainly with modular synths. He lives and works mainly in Bordeaux. He has a degree in video art and in 2014 obtained a DEM in electroacoustic composition at the Bordeaux Conservatory. He has regularly led sound discovery workshops in schools. He has played in (f,m,q,s)+a, an experimental improvisation band, has also worked and produced several bands or as an instrumentalist or producer and has also worked with poets, for theatre and dance. In 2010, he created Violence Conjugale band, with whom he released 2 albums on BornBad Records and Teenage Menopause. He has also released several records under his own moniker, whatever the support.

Today, he produces and performs with Monsieur Crâne (Tonn Recordings).

Plimplim also plays in CUT, a duet with Stefane Cales where live video creation meets music made live on modular synths.

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