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Obaidli Records it's a sonic playground for the rebels of minimal techno. We're not interested in the ordinary; we thrive on the extraordinary. Picture this: a fusion of beats that defy gravity, where raw elements like field recordings and modular synths collide to birth a sound that's as unique as it is unconventional.

we're not just thinking outside the box; we've thrown the box out the window. We're the champions of forward-thinking music, and our artists are the architects of sonic innovation. They don't just produce tracks; they craft experiences, weaving the minimal techno fabric with threads of experimentation.

Our artists don't shy away from the raw and real. They embrace it. Field recordings add a touch of the organic, while modular synths bring an edge of unpredictability. The result? A genre-bending journey that defies expectations and invites you to join the rebellion against the mundane.

Obaidli Records isn't just a label; it's a movement. A movement where minimal techno isn't just a genre; it's a canvas, and our artists are painting sonic masterpieces. So, if you're tired of the usual and crave the extraordinary, welcome to Obaidli—where the beats are bold, the sounds are wild, and the music is anything but minimal.

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