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Hamad Al-Obaidly, professionally known as Bídlee, is a multifaceted Qatari electronic producer, modular artist, DJ, musician, and mixing engineer. Raised on the picturesque west coast of the Persian Gulf, Bídlee's musical journey began with a profound affection for house music, a passion that fueled his self-taught musical odyssey.

With a versatile approach to electronic music, Bídlee has amassed an impressive portfolio that spans across various genres, including House, Deep, Minimal, and Techno. His commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring the intricate facets of sound led him to embark on a distinctive journey as a modular artist and sound designer in 2017.

Under the alias Bídlee, he immerses himself in the captivating world of modular systems, delving into the boundless possibilities that these intricate setups offer. This exploration not only serves as a personal creative outlet but also shapes his distinctive sonic identity.

In 2019, Bídlee took his passion for electronic music to new heights by establishing the vinyl-only record label, Obaidli Records. This label stands as a testament to his dedication to fostering both emerging and established talent within the minimal techno genre. Through Obaidli Records, Bídlee has set a new standard for underground music in the Middle East, creating a platform that supports the growth and exposure of artists pushing the boundaries of electronic soundscapes.

Beyond his label endeavors, Bídlee is an avid advocate for live performances and DAWless setups, adding a dynamic and organic dimension to his artistic expression. His commitment to pushing the envelope is further underscored by his current work on his debut album, where he dedicates substantial studio time to crafting innovative sounds that reflect his musical evolution.

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