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Never content to stand still in a world of constantly changing influences, Myxzlplix has been determined to deliver music that is fresh, ground breaking and aimed at today’s dance music audiences. And while experience is priceless in the DJ game, applying that knowledge to a dance floor without resting on the laurels of days gone by is essential. Combined with all his vast experience as DJ, producer, remixer, and taste maker, there is no doubt that Myxzlplix is leading the charge to new horizons in a way previously un-imagined. Initially working in the outlaw rave scene as part of the San Diego underground, he soon realized that he needed to evolve as a DJ if he wanted to become a cutting-edge artist who could inspire crowds to get up and dance. As his reputation grew, the clubs came calling, where he has held court as a trusted resident DJ for over 2 decades and performed at venues nationwide. In between DJ gigs, Myxzlplix established himself as a producer and remixer working with both independent and major labels flexing his own unique sound and style respectively with Techno & House. His experience combined with his never ending passion has allowed him for forge Techniche, a Techno based record label and by extension live events, and syndicated radio show. With Techniche, Myxzlplix is able to showcase new, emerging artists/producers elevating techno to the global stage. As a insightful and thorough label boss, Myxzlplix is the name that brings maintains integrity with humble legacy to the game. Join him on his journey and discover what the future of techno and house sounds like.

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