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Tongeren, Belgium

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We become DJs for different reasons. For many, it’s about sharing their record collections because the DJ booth becomes a place to express themselves in a way the rest of their life seldom caters for. Some use it to meet girls or score free drugs and for a select few, there is simply nothing else they could ever see themselves do. In Madloch’s case, it was the natural progression of an ever-growing love for a new music style he was frst exposed to in the early 90s - Progressive House. He yearned for that life less ordinary and by ’97, was deep into his musical obsession having collected mix tapes from his favourite DJs and started to buy vinyl to learn to DJ himself. From these solid foundations, he began playing to audiences across Belgium, which, by the beginning of the 00s, included some high profle residencies where he could warm up for his heroes, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo and more.

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