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Filth & Pleasure
Perth, Australia

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Filth & Pleasure - a dynamic duo making their mark on the Psy Tech & Techno scenes. Originally hailing from the UK and now based in Perth, Western Australia - Paul 'Geeza' Robertson and Craig Paxton are bringing their high energy, driving sets and productions to the masses.

Renowned for igniting the party wherever they play, Filth & Pleasure draw inspiration from influential artists like Luis M, Unknown Concept, Carbon, Lampe and Greenwolve, as well as Enrico Sangiuliano, Eli Brown, Space 92 and Mha Iri. Their music blends infectious rhythms, pulsing basslines and mesmerizing grooves, whilst always retaining that driving feel.

Starting their journey in 2001, Filth & Pleasure made their mark in the world of Hard Dance as Section 2. Their chart-topping tracks 'Keep Coming' and 'Texas Saw Bass Massacre' became dancefloor anthems in the UK, gaining recognition and propelling them into the spotlight.

Since relocating to Australia's thriving music scene in 2010, Filth & Pleasure have refined their sound, incorporating the essence of their surroundings. The duo’s electrifying performances at renowned events like Blossom Festival, Mad Hatterz, Twisted Jah, Electric Gardens, Techn0de, and Concept, have people stomping on the dancefloor, and their legendary God Said (Tech) No take over at Blazing Swan has garnered a flamboyantly loyal following since 2014. Their ability to captivate crowds in the city or out bush has made them firm favourites on the west coast of Australia.

Recent releases – Get To Work (BLOK Records), Hypnotic State (Segment Music), Kickin’ On (Murray Records) all demonstrate their diversity and the ongoing development of their sound, and their remix of seminal 90’s track ‘Up To No Good’ by Porn Kings has been heavily supported by Mha Iri, receiving plays at major events across Europe.

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