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Biography After making these first outings Rudy immediately understood that his place was in the DJ booth. It all started in 1996, he was already attracted to production with Tracker, which had just seen when it was released. But first of all he had to make a choice about the musical style he was going to share once his weapons were made in his modest room. His apprenticeship was done with Hip-hop / Breakbeat Direction the Fuse Club in Brussels or even the big star of the time: Mister Jeff Mills. From evening to evening he stores the technique of mixing seen with his own eyes and that by great celebrities of this environment and even more he begins to sympathize with the staff of Fuse. And this is how with nerve and kindness he asks to work there and that no matter what position. A few days later, here he is in training with the Fuse light jockey and all that to end up with his first contract in the world of the night. After 4 years of services Rudy realizes that his field is the sound and starts to buy plates at Doctor Vinyls..

During his career he released acclaimed singles, Eps and albums on labels like (Bonzai, Kootz, Comsumed records, Cellaroot, Highly Facts, Kiss my beat records, Klangwerk, Am strand, Muenchen, Tech Recordings, Flymusik Records, LW Recordings and many more etc, on each of them demonstrating a forward-thinking approach. With each production, he stays 100% true to his instincts and beliefs. These tracks have also been played around the world by artists such as Marco Carola, DJ DEP, Stacey Pullen, Lea Dobricic…….. And this in the biggest clubs (Amnesia, Pacha, Pacha miami, Space, Boiller Room, Cafe del Mar …..and many more During his evolution he played in several places, Fuse, Vamos Club, Barrio, Dal i’s, Ric art’s Boat, Fulmar, White Island Party, Le Trebuchet Festival la Magneerade, TIBV, Sunset Club, Le nouveau Russe, Havana Club, Fiesta Club, Cherry Moon, King’s Club, Club Vision Room, Canal 10, Summer music festival, Dour Festival 23..

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