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Antlen Gray, the captivating stage persona of Camilo, is a talented emerging DJ and producer from Chile. With musical roots that span continents, Antlen's artistic journey has been shaped by his experiences in Australia and Mexico. With a background rooted in more Organic and Afro genres, Antlen Gray's fervor for the burgeoning Melodic Techno scene has propelled him to explore the enchanting realms of this fast-growing genre. His unique style seamlessly blends the euphoric melodies of Melodic with the driving rhythms of Techno, creating an irresistible fusion that captivates audiences. Constantly honing his craft, Antlen Gray is a devoted student of renowned institutions such as BLQ Studio (Mexico City, MX), Dynamics Music Studio (Guadalajara, MX), and Production Music Live (Cologne, GER). Under the guidance of esteemed mentors like HEÎK (Odd:itty), Massano (Afterlife), Enamour (Anjunabeats), and Dromme (Dynamics Music Studio founder & Bar Americas resident), he consistently pushes the boundaries of his sound. Antlen Gray's journey in the underground music industry is just beginning, yet he has already garnered promising feedback throughout the past year.

Supports: Layton Giordani, Bart Skils, Metodi Hristov

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