schallfeld Halle, DE

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Schallfeld is wideness – furrow by furrow and line by line is passing by when paths are merging and diverging in one single moment.

Skirling synth slices screaming from floated bass grounds far out like night flashes of lightning – doleful, detached, melancholic but always claiming! Algorhythm of constancy, caught in movement - furrow by furrow and line by line.

Facing a fake glittering sound environment, yelling at oneself day in, day out, schallfeld cross indifference with difference. An idea of thoughtfulness oscillating over every set like the sword of Damocles over the society of consumption. Sage placed elements in an accurate context develop greater meaning than overloaded, heavy compressed, hifi tone monsters. Less is More! Polyphony in the monotony of the rotating loop - furrow by furrow and line by line.

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